Streets adopted so far…

South Tyneside:


Tilesheds Lane – Adopted by Colin Tosh & family, August 2018


Agincourt – Jane Merrin, Adopted November 2018

Blackpool Parade – Adopted by Louise McDowell , August 2018

Blackpoool Parade – Adopted by Christine Jordison, April 2021

Branton Avenue – Adopted by Vikki, March 2021

Crawley Avenue- Adopted by Vikki, March 2021

Toner avenue – Adopted by Vikki, March 2021

The Cornfields (63-91) – Adopted by Lorraine Houston, September 2018

Hebburn and Wardley Nature Reserve – Adopted by Shirley Gardiner, August 2018

The Maples phase 1 – Adopted by Richard Moore , August 2018

Marine Drive – Adopted by Louise McDowell, August 2018

Monkton Burn – Adopted by Louise McDowell, August 2018

Monkton Mineral Line cycle path –  Adopted by Richard Moore , August 2018

Monkton community woodland off Monkton Lane –  Adopted by Richard Moore , August 2018

Monkton Lane –  Adopted by Richard Moore , August 2018

Park Road, Hebburn,  adopted by Garry Thompson, May 2021

St Rollox Street – Adopted by Collen Thorne, March 2021


Ashbourne Road, Jarrow – Adopted by Ellen – May 2021

Hedworthfield Primary School, Linkway, Hedworth Estate, Southlands, Hedworth Estate, Greenlands, Hedworth Estate, The Grove, Fellgate Estate – Adopted by Daniel Rowell, April 2019

Linkway Hedworth Estate Jarrow, Adopted by Susan Dagg, May 2021

Norham Terrace and Valley View Park Jarrow – Adopted by Debbie Upperton, May 2021


Monkton Village, Monkton Lane – Adopted by Diane Thurston, March 2021

Monkton Lane from the junction of Campbell Park Road to Benedict Lane and the Lukes Lane playing fields up to the rugby pitch. – Adopted by Mark Conway, May 2021

South Shields

Ainsworth Avenue – Adopted by Billie-Jean, May 2019

Baltic Court – Adopted by Victoria Beaney, August 2018

Beethoven Street – Adopted by Marion Curtis, September 2018

Biddick Hall drive , Brockley Avenue corner – Adopted by Anji Bramley, August 2018

Eglesfield Road – Adopted by Jaime Emmerson, January 2021

Graham Street – Adopted by Charles and Carmen Harrison, November 2018

Green Lane – Adopted by Robert McColl, January 2021

Greys Walk, Odd numbers 39-63 Grays Walk and the parking area between Grays Walk and Spencer Walk – Adopted by Kelly Bell, October 2018

Grotto Gardens – Adopted by Gillian Grey, August 2018

Grotto Road – Adopted by Gillian Grey, August 2018

Grosvenor Crescent -Adopted by Diane Nicholson, August 2018

Harbour View & The area used by fishermen – Adopted by Simon Buck, August 2018

Harton Mineral Line (Boldon Lane) – Adopted by Daniel Boyd, April 2019

Hutton Row, Westoe Crown – Adopted by Christine Dorward, August 2018

Imeary Street – Odd numbers from 93-145. Adopted by David Francis, August 2018


Imeary Street odd numbers from 151 to the end of block – including street garden and that side of West Stainton street. Adopted by Elaine Francis, August 2018

King George Road between Page Avenue and Stanton Avenue, both sides of the road and the central reservation. Adopted by Helen & Scott Hartley, August 2018

Lawe Road  – between Urfa terrace and Vespasian Avenue, Adopted by Stephanie Kerrigan, June 2019

Lemon street – Adopted by Rachael Milne, October 2018

Lynwood Way, From no. 1 to no. 19 – Adopted by Jen Stevens, May 2019

Lizard Lane –  Adopted by Gillian Grey, August 2018

Mariners cottages – Adopted by Elaine Bell, October 2018

Milner Street – Adopted by Craig Surley, January 2021

North Main Court – Adopted by Joan Eggleston, August 2018

Pitmen’s Footpath (Erskine Road) – Adopted by Joan Eggleston, August 2018

Robert Street – Adopted by Mia Smith, January 2021

Roman Road North – The block facing the Roman Fort – Adopted by Liz Stephenson, August 2018

Salmon Street – Adopted by Nancy Arthur, May 2019

Spohr Terrace – Adopted by Angela Curtis, September 2018

Stanhope Road – Adopted by Angela Todd, August 2018

Stanhope Road – Adopted by Sian Thomas and Emmaus, October 2018

Vespasian Avenue & Vespasian Street, Adopted by Anne Edwards & Jules Johannesen, October 2018

Wisteria Gardens – Adopted by Maria Davison, January 2021

Within Avenue, Adopted by Taylor Broughton, November 2018


Lizard View- Adopted by Annette McStea @thisworkedforme August 2018

Mill Lane – Adopted by Annette McStea @thisworkedforme August 2018

Souter View – Adopted by Annette McStea @thisworkedforme August 2018

Wheatall Drive – Adopted by Annette McStea @thisworkedforme August 2018

Further Afield:


Calender Courtyard, Aberdeen – Adopted by Jim Currie, May 2019


Meadowside, Abingdon – Adopted by Lynne Ford, May 2019


Park View Avenue – Adopted by Owain Curtis, October 2018


Ramsbottom Road, Horwich – Adopted by Charlene Bessell, May 2019


Queens Road, Bournemouth, Dorset – Adopted by Sue Coates August 2018

Suffolk Road, Bournemouth, Dorset – Adopted by Sue Coates August 2018

Surrey Road, Bournemouth, Dorset – Adopted by Sue Coates August 2018


Lynde Close, Hartcliffe – Adopted by Faye Mizon, May 2019

Lower Chapel Road, Hanham – Adopted by Annie Tollafield, May 2019


Oak Road & Brookfield Road – Adopted by Sarah Segree, May 2019


A120 at Marks Tey from Railway Bridge to roundabout leading to Station Road and A12
The deceleration lane leading from A12 northbound onto A120. Old London Road from A120 to the Marks Tey Parish Hall – Adopted by Trish Wynne-Willson, May 2019


Knights Close, Felixstowe – Adopted by R Newman, May 2019


Spring Mount and Springfield Avenue – Adopted by Richard Blackshaw, March 2021


Nelson Town – Adopted by Donna Waterworth, March 2021


Leopold Gardens, adopted by Shaff Sheikh, May 2021

Seaforth Avenue (the section between Strathmore Drive and Strathmore Terrace) adopted by Ann Marie Hayes, May 2021


Merton Avenue, Leicester – Adopted by David Shotton, May 2019


St Martins Road, Looe – Adopted by Ellie Jackson, May 2019


Goldspink Lane NE2 1NS (bottom section) Adopted by Clare Andrews, April 2019


Evison Road, Fox St and Meeting Lane, Rothwell, Northamptonshire – Adopted by The Draycotts, May 2019


Somerset Close, Devonshire Avenue, a section of Nottingham Road, Manor Park – Adopted by Roma Seth, May 2019


Pelaw Quarry Pond – Adopted by Shirley Gardiner, March 2021


The Firs, and the footpath from Birch Walk to The Burrows – Adopted by Anne Price, April 2021

St Albans

Wyedale & Thamesdale, London Colney – Adopted by Rhiannon Daniels, May 2019


Ryhope area – Adopted by Emma Robson, January 2019


Summers Road, Cypress Street, Crown Street – Adopted by Jude Allen, March 2021


The Cedars – Adopted by Kathryn Radley, May 2019